Prestige Auto and Spa - The Worst Credit Agency In The WORLD! Scam Artists!

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There is a credit proccessing agency out there by the name of Merchant Lynx, or Merchant Scam! We had a salesman, and his name was Peter, by the way, this is in NJ, who promised us the world with this company and how we would save so much money with them. He said we had to get new terminals and we specifically asked if there were any fees and he said no!

We decided to use their service, and a week later we received a bill from First Global Data Leasing for $235.00 for taxes for the 3-year lease on the equipment. We contacted the sales rep and he said not to worry, that he can override any charges on the account. It should be free!

They promised us only a monthly service charge of $69, but it turned out to be with First Global Data Leasing, the equipment provider, which he repeatedly said there were no fees, but we had no idea we were even signing up with two other companies, these are other than Merchant Lynx. The two other companies were First Global Data Leasing and iPayment.

He never overrode the charges, and now we have a problem with FGDL, which they say we have a 3-year lease with, which we do not, there was no such name on the contract. We did not even know because he kept telling us there were no fees, but we constantly asked him.

We had to close out our checking accounts and open new ones to avoid these charges. Repeated phone calls to the rep went unanswered, all of our efforts were wasted on that sales rep, that scam artist.

We lost some money in the proccess, but we were not about to give in to this kind of a scam. If anyone wants to file a class action suite against this company with us, feel free to contact us by commenting on this page, leave any contact information and we will take it from there. Help us put this company in place because they won't stop scamming people, and in the end, we are the ones at fault, not the scammers. Any testimony against this company is beneficial, so if you have been scammed, please help us put these crook scammers away.

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The same thing happen to me the agreement that I signed was later altered and they said that they have a recording conversation where I was accepting all the charges,of course the voice wasn't me and this garbage Pete got me without my knowledge into the 48 month lease with First Data please let me know what can we do.


I would like to be part of the class action suite againest this company Merchant Lynx.I was also cheated in almost the same way as you did.

I was told the credit card machine is part of merchant lynx monthly service fee and if I don't take the machine I will still be charged 69.99 even though I told the scam artist Peter Rhee that we have a existing machine already, but he persuade me to get the free machine, it turned out the machine we received is leased for 48 months plus tax would be 3600.00 plus!! the *** artist never mention to me about that.

please let me know how you would go with this, I hate to see other people suffer as I did, it is really hard earned money we make, thank you for your

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